BITCOIN Setting Up To Explode | So Much Positive Crypto News

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CNBC Brian Kelly: key players will be suffering from ‘Institutional FOMO’

BREAKING: BITCOIN SEC ETF MEETING: CBOE, VanEck, SolidX All Meet With SEC Commissioner Elad Roisman; Approval Confidence ‘High’

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  1. I don't see how it benefits either the customer or the business to use some altcoin for an in game transaction, dyor, buyer beware.

  2. I thoroughly explained crypto currencies to maybe 5 to 8 friends. One of them was interested and invested a small amount of fiat. I suppose that the others just didn't get it because they stayed uninterested.
    On the other hand I believe that the vast majority of people just don't want to become wealthy. They really prefere to stay poor and work their asses of. And then they complain that they have no money. But the reality is that they WANT to stay poor.

  3. Tyler! Check out the newest box of Honey Nut Cheerios! On the back it has a thing about collecting “buzzcoin.” “Collect Buzzcoin and you could Win Prizes!” Could be worth mentioning in another vid?✌️

  4. The longer this builds the bigger the pop is going to be. No rush in my opinion, just let it build. This is going to be a Krakatoa moment the crypto world will never forget. Accumulate, keep the faith, and prepare to be much wealthier than you were ?????

  5. I’m depressed Tyler, I have a feeling Baakkt isn’t going to affect price and etf will be denied, all I see is everyone excited and expecting both things to happen and boost price ??

  6. People keep whinging 'news isn't moving the price….'

    You ever watch Wile E Coyote in his sling shot. He spends ages going backwards further and further till the band is about to snap. Then he let's it fly.

    Bitcoin is in the slingshot. This news is pulling the band back further and further.

  7. Tyler , I innocently gave my email address to an African scammer who was asking me cryptocurrency questions in the comments section of a Litecoin video , he asked me a few personal questions and I smelled a rat but at that stage it was too late he had my email address. I obviously didn't give him my passwords or phone number , should I be worried? (my LTC is on the exchange) thank you.

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  9. Don't you think Bakkt clients will get Btc of the counter at first? Sure Bakkt and Etf will impact the price but maybe not that crazy as people hope.

  10. i think if it gets in with steam/paying for games then it will get a lot of interest from young people who may see it as a 'cool' thing to own some of

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