PlayStation Classic’s Lineup Is Just Okay – IGN Daily Fix

The PlayStation Classic lineup has just been revealed, a Nintendo prototype, and a possible Red Dead Redemption 2 PC port. Playstation Classic’s Full Lineup …


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  1. I’m stoooooked for Tekken 3, but obviously 20 games is a small number so what game are you most excited about in the PlayStation Classic lineup? What’d they leave out??

  2. Oddworld is an amazing game. New ‘n Tasty was okay, but the original Abe’s Oddysee was a masterpiece that kind of went under the radar. Highly recommended if you haven’t played it before.

  3. I'm happy they got RE and ESPECIALLY MGS (because it's my all time favorite game and because… well, Konami). But c'mon: no Crash, no Spyro, no Tony Hawk, no Tomb Raider… NO GRAN TURISMO, the systems best selling game? And this is before we get into niche stuff like SotN. Sony done goofed.

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