Red Dead Redemption 2 Features an Awesome Callback to the Original

An early mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 features a striking resemblance to an event that takes place in the original Red Dead Redemption. Red Dead …


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  1. And in the snow when theyre gonna head out to find john, forgot who went with arthur but he says he would do the same for me calling back to how john found bill and javier to kill them


    In one mission, you play as Arthur running away from a gang with Dutch. Soon you two end up on a cliff side and are facing the gang with your backs to the edge of the cliff. At this moment Dutch says almost the same speech he says to John Marston near the end of RDR 1.
    Before they both jump off into a lake down below, where as in RDR 1 he is facing John Marston with his back to a cliff and jumps to his death.

  3. There’s also a moment in the beginning when Javier Escuella (someone you hunted in the first game) said – when convincing the player to look for a missing John Marston – “I know he’d look for me if it was the other way around.” That just made me smile.

  4. There's a brief moment of dialog at one point in the game where Arthur brings up the fact that john marston can't swim. I thought it was hilarious. Best rdr call back ever

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