Is the OnePlus 6T the future?

Welcome to this special OnePlus 6T unboxing. In this video, I’ll show you all the ways OnePlus went the extra mile when it came to crafting a memorable …


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  1. Is the fast charger the same from the OP3? I have my fast charger from my OP3 still
    also; why does he keep looking towards the left? its really odd and kinda funny

  2. Well I know what my next phone will be ?? (Written on my OnePlus 3t). Also love the fact they include a nice fast charger and cable unlike a certain scummy company cough Apple cough .

  3. @OnePlus you disappoint me. I own a One plus 6…What an excuse to remove the Headfone jack..Then how come samsung is able to fit in a 4000mah battery, a stylus, headfone jack at the se time ??? You killing the jack is really disappointing…

    Samsung is the way now…?

  4. Mac!!!!! First I thought it was just the setup but calling Mac like your own version of jack
    Pls stop copying unbox therapy
    Use your mind and your own concept bs

  5. Not sure why people are disliking it. Either they are in love with Lew and are offended or they never heard of Unbox Therapy and are not realizing it's a parody? In either case, I am concerned for them.

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