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Open-ended gameplay, a memorable world and incredible aesthetics make Dishonored one of the year’s most refreshing experiences. Subscribe to IGN’s …


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  1. I like the game, but my gripe are that you can’t replay the game with your upgrades powers, and the powers’ upgrades are worth upgrading to.

  2. This game has not aged well at all. The gameplay is very mediocre, feels like a poor man's bioshock. Really feels like a drag to play, barely put in an hour and I'm struggling to continue to play this game. Such a shame, since i love bioshock

  3. I just black Friday Dshonored2 for $15 because it came w/ Dishonored1 free..
    ~ F A I L E D my 1st attempt to play Dishonored on the 360.. Something slow motion and boring about the combat.
    BUt I always loved Bethesda games and everyone else praised it so I assume it's me not giving it enough time..
    But I'm pretty sure IT'S A STALE GAME! but will give it a 2nd chance..And this is with me resisting the PC/Steam temptation over the last 2 years…
    *How can Fallout Vegas be sooo good and Fallout 3 + 4 be soo lame compaired to?
    This is my dilemma /w Bethsda games being so popular w/ me but Dishonored failing w/ me..
    *I tried 3 different times to play Fallout 3.. And get bored every time.. Where Vegas DLC is probably the best DLC ive ever played in any game..I hope Obsidian makes a new Fallout again. or spinoff of any mediocre popular game…

  4. Great gameplay undoubtedly with an intriguing story.
    I completed the ending on high chaos but the ending didn't feel entirely dark which I like.
    My least favorite thing about Bioshock was that you end as either a hero or complete psychopath.

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