Should you buy BITCOIN now? ZCASH Sapling hard fork. Crypto News.

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Bitcoin is in a period of low volatility. As a matter of fact Bitcoin is seeing the lowest volatility since December 2016. So, with Bitcoin’s volatility at a historic low, should you buy bitcoin now?

ZCASH goes live with ZCASH Sapling hard fork. Find out what effect this had on ZCASH price.

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  1. Once again brother, amazing content and on point! Do you think “this” will work as a crypto even though we are trading and treating it like a stock?

  2. Does a crypto's price generally drop some before a fork? Also I think privacy will be a layer like lightning network vs there being a need for privacy coins. What do you think? Also, thank you for the video.

  3. I'm buying. Of course that doesn't mean anything since I buy every payday. Due to my frugal lifestyle I have no trouble buying 1000 usd every payday, and I do it on mechanic wages. I don't stress myself out trying to pick a bottom or take profits at the top (paying a bunch of tax). I just buy every payday and allow the passing months and years to do the heavy lifting for me.
    And when I retire on bitcoin (and what I can get for my paid off house) I'll make sure to keep my long term capital gain under 38,600 a year. That way I pay zero income tax. I'm done being a tax slave.

  4. I can't thank you enough for this video. It came at a perfect time for me and the way you describe it makes so much sense. You have my respect. Thank you for all you do.

  5. Very cool update on zcash! I'm excited for exchanges to incorporate the 'z addr' support. The first, and only one I currently know of that is working on z addr support is Great projects. Thanks for the videos! Interesting times ahead

  6. Thanks for your updates. Why are the other stable coins 1.01? is the 100 USD difference due to this? Making Tether more stable to 1.00 USD?

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