The BREAKOUT Happened! | “Patient Zero”: BTC To $1M | Bitcoin Is Climate Threat?

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: We got the breakout as predicted in previous videos. I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I’ll also go through some Bitcoin & crypto news. So, watch the video to learn more!

0:39 The Break Out
7:13 Volume: Historical Lows
9:54 Sound Of Crypto
10:49 Bitcoin & crypto News

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Great idea from Chris Dixon from Bitcoin

Facepalming today’s Bitcoin news cycle from Bitcoin


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  1. carl can u talk about institutions buying btc otc behind the scenes at a rapid paste creating negative fuds?
    wall street in public against btc but in private full steam ahead my question is wen would they signal a green light for btc to spike up?

  2. The sound wave was interesting until they added the “NO GOD!!!” part which made the whole thing stupid and disappointing. I would of liked to hear the rest of it if there was a real tone extracted from the waves of bitcoin.

  3. BAKKT has half happened, they've bought so much BTC OTC as to not manipulate the price upward on exchanges. As for stock market crash, if BTC was a haven it would have had a break up by now. Seems bearish still to me, but I'm still in BTC bullish on the very long term

  4. "Bitcoin to 1 mil usd in ten years"? What if 1 mil usd is worthless like how governments did in Venezuela? We need gold and silver backed satoshi. Look at Roger Ver and Charlie couldn't agree on the definition of "value". That is a major issue. We can talk about a moral, philosophical, political definition of "value" or "intrinsic value".. You ask 100 people they will all have their own answer.. Are they all wrong or do we need a broader accepted definition? Good points Carl!

  5. This time Carl I think the analysis is wrong. You watch the coinbase volume not overall. Coinbase lost customers in 2018 because of new exchanges fiat pairing.

  6. Since you are interested in macro economics. here is a take on bitcoin to usd relationship.
    1USD = 100 cents. 1 Bitcoin = 100 M Satoshis. 1 Bitcoin = 100M Satoshis / 100 Cents = 1M USD
    Total BTC supply = 21M. Total US debt = 21T. So, 21T/21M = 1M USD per BTC.

  7. That song was hilarious. Thanks.
    That recent 2% BTC dip was caused by 2,000 whale coins, in 2 minutes. What a joke.
    I don't think people should wait for a bottom to get their first coin. We don't know when the Bulls run this thing again.
    Yes, power usage claims are another joke. I wonder who is really behind those claims?

  8. Price seems to have stabilized again. Short squeeze?

    As regards climate change I think BTC is saving paper and hence the rain forest!

  9. I would like to see Bitcoin change its protocol away from Proof of Work otherwise it will become a problem sooner or later. Proof of Work is outdated technologie, there are better alternatives like Proof of Stake, Proof of Capacity and others, with them we don't get a global warming problem from crypto.

  10. Slice your ounce of gold into a 1000 pieces. Reassemble them, and transfer to your favorite app, and spend it. Gold, and silver have been manipulated by banks for years.

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