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  1. I would like a game where you can reject enemy projectiles with your own projectiles at any time, not in pre-fixed situations as Wanted.

  2. This is one of those games that aren't too bad, but had so much potential to be amazing. In ways the special moves and stuff are better than Max Payne, but the thing lacking for me was smoothness of control.

    If it just had that bit more time to be developed and made less clunky, I have a feeling this could have been a legend of a game.

    If I had to rate this in 2015, I'd still give the game a very decent 7. Mostly because whilst its not the best developed game in the world, its still a lot of fun to play. And whilst its short, the game modes after completion make up for lost time. A top class game shouldn't need a 50 hour campaign. 5-10 hours is more than more than enough in a linear path driven game, just as long as it feels fresh and gives you something new each level.

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