Crypto prices drop slightly after Stock market drops
US regulators may confirm Bakkt early
Monero and ZEC charts look good
World Bank:$33b ‘transfer fees’ in 2017
Coinbase slammed for 0x listing
XRP and ETH to outshine BTC
XRP sales DOUBLED in 3Q
XRP and BCH margin trading and lending on
DGB & VET solving real world problems
Apple co-founder “Bitcoin Really Works”
Wirex prepaid cards launching in the US
NEO Mainnet upgrades
IOTA Bug Bounty
TOP 5 Undervalued ERC-20’s
Pundi x used to pay for Dinner
Dash used to buy drinks in Bangkok
5 biggest problems with fixed price stablecoins
Poloniex went down for maintenance
Free USD to USDC swaps on coinbase pro
Interstellar CEO says “institutions have to enter crypto”
Crypto Pumpkins
Coinbase IPO
Japanese Crypto Exchanges to self-regulate
Blockfolio 2.0
Edge Wallet news
Buy bitcoin at the Post Office in Australia
Coss removes its coins from hackers wallet launches Ledger Nano based lockbox
Visa Digital ID system
Top 10 most used blockchains
SUB delivering web content into IRAN
Best Projects under 2m market cap
SONY Hardware wallet
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  1. have you seen Project Elysian Coin i have seen a lot of positive feedback. Because this company want to help people and other companies making their own cryptocurrency

    What do you think

  2. I've been thinking of the rhetorical aspects of the lottery. Look at how the lottery websites promote frivolous spending. From a rhetorical perspective, it definitely seems like a scam. Why don't lottery websites promote investing in appreciating assets, or acquiring financial advisors? Makes one wonder.

  3. ELA price just crashed due to the pre-mature ending of the lock-ups. I've snatched up loads of ELA now while people are panicking.
    I've just bought 30 more ELA at such a great price!! 😀 Will continue to buy in more slowly, transferring gains from other cryptos, if it continues to fall, and slowly accumulate. ^~^
    No other projects gives me as much confidence as ELA does while I buy during a dump! 😀
    I hope those who participated in the lockup will be granted bonus airdrops in the future though, at the very least — provided that they HODL.

    The dumpers are likely gonna dump earlier rather than later. Also the FUD is due to a misconception of how MCAP and prices is calculated — something that I myself have only learnt recently. Ultimately, the price is simply dictated the order books, of what people are willing to buy/sell, while the MCAP is then calculated accordingly. The main fear is that people who had their funds locked-up might dump their holdings, which I doubt. But ELA could certainly entice them to HOLD via bonus Airdrops (base on date of unmoved funds) as suggested above.

  4. That’s amazing! KIN? They are so cheap right now. You just don’t hear much about them in youtube. Thanks for the mention. Great information as usual. ?

  5. What's up Mr. Chris, you have to be more positive brother, we are about to run up! There is to much great news in the crypto market!! By the end of the year, you will see, We are going up!!!! Also, it is wrong all the way around with the way they allow rich people to have the upper hand, while they don't want the poor or the middle class to do anything towards making money, it's just wrong! They will let the poor play the lottery or Gamble , but they will not let them get involved with ico's and startups, it's just wrong brother!! Thanks for your time and God Bless You!!!

  6. MetaMorph
    Can you do a update video on the coin metamorph and let the community know about this coin give us a price prediction, what's the future of this. Thank you

  7. THX for the shout Chris! When I look at the amount I have learned about crypto & the fun I've had hangin' with the crew in your Patreon group it makes the cost of a subscription dirt cheap. You're the James Brown of crypto You Tubers & right at the top of the heap for your balanced news analysis & TA. 7-3's!

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