Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday – Bakkt News – Hotbit Exchange to List XRP – India to Ban Privacy Coins?

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– Bitcoin’s 10th birthday!
– Bakkt tweets updates on its physical bitcoin futures service and custody
– Hotbit exchange to list Ripple XRP November 1st
– Indian Officials Met to Discuss Possible Ban on ‘Private Cryptocurrencies’
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  1. Silver Has Potential For 50% Rally – Bloomberg Intelligence
    By: David Lin / Kitco News – Fundamentals are in place for precious metals, especially silver, to significantly break out of current trading ranges, according to a report from Bloomberg Intelligence.
    The report said that silver has a history of lagging its industrial metals companions and can rally as much as 50% by simply “catching up.”
    “Essentially unchanged from June 2016, silver has plenty of room to catch up to the 50% rally in the Bloomberg Industrial Metals Spot Index and 3% decline in the trade-weighted broad dollar,” the report said. “It's been about 50 years since silver's 12-month range was this narrow, increasing the likelihood of a sharp rally.”
    Japanese forex traders are buying big today on silver cfds to catch the beginning of explosive bull rally in 8 years.

  2. I will save some for retirement in aprx. 30 years from now … loooong time to go. If the bull run starts an hit 50$ i do not have to wait so long 🙂

  3. I think privacy coins will be fine. If not I doubt Gemini would have listed ZEC. They are a regulated exchange. You need at least one privacy coin in your portfolio.

  4. Listen you dumb ass. You are covering this same bakkt shit everyday that people are about to stop watching your videos. As same positive news/great new thing and talking about bakkt. Also, no one care about you attenteding 10th Bitcoin birthday. The other guy on YouTube Digital Assest Investor does way deeper research and has way more unheard news than your everyday positive news bakkt drama. Unsubscribed because if shitty Bitcoin birthday video.

  5. Bakkt already have all there bitcoin bought on the OTC markets!Thats my guess.. they are not gonna buy 100 of thousends bitcoins at coinbase.. think about this. 12 dec they are going live and offering the contracts. they are ready to go! what do you think about this?

  6. Governments may not allow privacy coins, but they also don't allow the downloading of copyrighted material and tax evasion by hiding money in offshore accounts, yet those things still exist. Just some food for thought. Monero = Swiss Bank 2.0

  7. we may not have that bull run. they've been buying through brokers already for a set price. hundreds of millions of dollars worth have been bought already and we haven't seen anything change

  8. XRP will facilitate an interconnected global economy!

    November is likely gonna be the biggest event, maybe also including December

    We are about to ride the autobahn of value exchange! Brand new territory..

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