BTC Price Drop & Crypto News | Will Bitcoin or THIS non-crypto Breakout First

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These flash crashes and sudden moonings all seem like carefully planned manipulations. from CryptoCurrency

Bitstamp acquired by a Korean Gaming Giant

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  2. There's been many cases where a guy will get drunk, go home and kill his wife. With Pot, a guy will get high, go home and forget to kill his wife. Bitcoin and cryptos overall will reach all-time highs before Pot is legalized nationally, I believe. Thanks Tyler!!

  3. I have a rant: Not related to crypto but greed in general. My iPhone 8S Plus updated itself without my permission. Now the battery drains twice as fast prior to the update. AND…even though I skipped the immediate update to iOS 12 until after the bugs were worked out, it automatically updated while I was asleep and here we go with the added bugs to absolutely MAKE SURE that the battery bug was installed. Lie after Lie after Lie after Lie after Lie after Lie after Lie after Lie after Lie…….(deep breath)….Lie after Lie after Lie after Lie………….. Rant done. Time to go spend $1500 on a new phone…….because I’m deaf dumb and blind!!! Update: my phone just dropped 10% in the time it took to write the previous statement.

  4. Interesting video! Interesting news re Bitstamp also. In U.K./EU fast growing banking app Revolut now use them for Litecoin and Bitcoin support – Revolut now has 3 million users I believe!

    PS Scammer Anthony Michael below in comment section?

  5. I believe in being left the hell alone. If someone wants or needs access to the sweet leaf that should be their God given right. It’s a plant for crying out loud! Leave us alone, get a hobby.

  6. Thanks for your videos ! Always glad when you put them up. Im glad its stable because it means the whales can't manipulate the market so much. Also i support legalized pot. They may call it a gateway drug but it is also the gateway drug to jail and we all know how that ends up for someones life chances.

  7. Im not in a rush. Market can go sideways for another 2 years for all i care. More time for me to accumulate. Patience will be rewarded. 2.3BTC and 95LTC now. I will stop accumulating at 4BTC unless markets are going to explode before that obviously.

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