The Future of Virtual Reality Gaming – GDC 2016

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VR’s gaming leaders discuss what the future holds for the promising platform. ———————————- Follow IGN for more!


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  1. Although the gaming industry will play a large part in the development of VR, it's not the only thing that this tech was made for. VR is also intended the introduce a new way of communicating with computers and with other people.

  2. I live in a nice house with a garden and plenty of space, but if vr becomes like the matrix I would simply move into a tiny studio apartment and plug myself into the vr environment a few hours every day. I think society would become extremely minimalistic and environmentaly friendly, besides, not having to spend so much time cleaning and maintaining my house would make my live so much more comfortable.

  3. Integrated gaming similar to the hyper reality video would be awesome. With a jet pilot type helmet and gaming suit that vibrates stimulating certain pressure points that simulate the effects of the real thing. There really are so many ideas.

  4. anyone ever thought that maybe we are in a virtual reality and that this virtual reality is getting so complex that one day we can simulate a virtual reality that is exactly the same as our reality and then one day it will become like this reality where the simulations in that reality can create another virtual reality in our virtual reality in our reality?

    yeah me neither

  5. +IGN I have an idea for a VR device called the "Virtua Pod". This device can allow you to enter the world of the game you're playing. The pod will allow you to see, feel, smell, hear, and even taste the environment. Your mind will be the object in control of the game. And this device can play downloadable games, cartridge games, and optical disc games. From any console that can support either. All outside interference will be blocked out, and anything that anyone wants to say to you will be recorded in the message system. You can even play handheld games on it. So you can finally touch a Pokémon.