Top 10 VR Games – Fall 2018

A long overdue update to my Top 10 VR Games. Steam links below: #10 – Jet Island #9 – Virtual Virtual …


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  1. Okay I'm going to go ahead and say this – your number 1 slot is…. kinda hit or miss. If you've played any version of the game before it, it shouldn't even be on your radar (unless it drops in price) If you've NEVER played it before, then get it in VR first if you can. It's an amazing game, but there's no point to getting it in VR if you've played the pancake version to death like I have. Sure, it's cool for a while, but you'll get bored of it quickly.

  2. Eww.. virtual virtual reality was a giant waste of my money.. but I feel like shit paying for one off games that don't provoke some kind of thought after.

  3. "I've never played Skyrim before"
    Todd Howard just had an aneurysm trying to understand how it is possible that some people still haven't played Skyrim.

  4. You really should take a look at hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades. It is simply impossible to get bored with all the modes and guns it has.

  5. Got my refurbished mmr for 130. While I have been playing alot of skyrim vr and VR chat but I haven't played much else so definitely planning on picking up some of these.

  6. Good stuff man. I agree on Skyrim. Although it’s fun using the 2 handheld devises, I like to use the Axis controller to get around. A lot of people complain about getting sea sick & motion sickness but, I have not once experienced this in this game. Although I have in Farpoint, a lot! I have pretty much all the VR games from Werewolve’s Within to RE, Skyrim & everything in between. Skyrim is my go to game to go to for getting away from reality & enjoy stunning graphics & VR gameplay. Listen to me. I sound like a damn salesman. I have the PS4VR and thoroughly enjoy it every time I get the chance. Thanks for the cool countdown again. Rock on! -Monk

  7. Unknightly looks fucking awesome. Thief was one of the first games I ever played, and I thought Dishonored was gonna be the only successor it'd ever get!

  8. Yawn these look boring I want starfield with mods or cyberbunk2077 like games. ….gta,… red dead redemption like games? How about a game like dragon age origins? Heck how about assisan creed odyssey type games, fallout/oblivion games…..resident evil…games like these would make me more insterested in vr. Oh an maybe work harder on getting rid of motion sickness…. make games like these an i an many others would be more interested in vr

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