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  1. Another absolute belter of a video. So much effort clearly goes into them. In my YT top 3…er, maybe 5. No, 4! Supreme content sir!

  2. I'm no chemist but I'm pretty sure your condenser shouldn't be metal………or a spoon……and needs coolant. Not that I could identify which condenser is even refluxive…..refluxer…..uhhhh….just……my best guess.

  3. how to play a vr game,
    download it,
    press play,
    learn how to not die.
    learn how to not die, again.
    barley survived, used everything, have no items or weapons.
    die inside.
    remember patterns and the entire map and where everything is and to try not to die or use all your items.
    finally got passed level 1,
    die. because now level 2 is a maze full of new enemy's and items.

    rejoined after a week and ready to face level 2, but you have to start all over.
    after an hour of getting through level 1 with the least amount of damage, item use, or weapon use you get hit by a random enemy and have no idea what his attacks are AND
    uninstall game.

  4. I have no interest in any of these games but loved every second of this video. I am actually a little in awe of your youtube-fu.

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