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  1. Yes! I want to watch a live streaming NFL or Major League baseball game on my vr at home!
    I would pay for the stadium experience of an away game! What people don't understand is that folks who cannot afford to go to the game, will pay to have that experience at home.

    I hate watching baseball on tv! just hate it! Boring! But after attending a real game, I went home and watched a really good 360° video on YouTube. I felt like I was back at the game! If reasonable, I'd actually pay to watch a virtual reality 360 degree game at home. Watching one on my flat screen? Not interested! Oh, you should have multiple cameras to choose from during the feed! That way you're always close to the action!

  2. you cannot throw 55 passes a game? um wtf i could throw 55 passes in under a minute, lets not get fat ass gamers to decide how much exercise should go into this lol

  3. okay it's not virtual reality. It's a video headset. The only people who call it 'virtual reality' are the same people pimping it. Maybe in 10 years when the graphics are 8k++ 220 FOV with 90fps it will look great, but until then leave it to the niche tech fanboys.

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