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  1. George, do you realize that of the 205 BIL Crypto market cap, 185 BIL lies within the top 15 projects on the CMC list ? That means that the other 2080 project on CMC average a paltry 10 MIL per project. Clearly we are in the early stages of Crypto. Did you know that back in 2001 only Microsoft was able to break the TOP FIVE list of highest market cap companies in the nation as a tech company, TODAY 4 out of the top 5 market cap companies are tech companies (APPLE. MSFT, GOOGLE and FACEBOOK). Imagine what Crypto could become in another 10 years or so. BTC, ETH, XRP could possible become some of the highest market cap companies/projects out there. What do you think ?

  2. Hey George, just wanted to let you know PNC bank (Alabama) is bitcoin friendly. We recently opened up an ATM and they agreed to do our banking. Pretty cool huh? Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey bro, nice video, I think ethereum is better than EOS, you should make one about EOS Dapps, especially EOSPlay, it's a great gambling website with a really nice design.

  4. I love how people hold ICO projects to their roadmap dates, while the like of BTC and ETH developers just update as they feel like it. Good to be the kings.

  5. George, trend lines need to touch 3 candle BODIES, not the wicks. Your line is clearly touching the wicks, crypto bro.
    I'm with you about VeChain – great buy around 500M cap. Incredible project. Also with you on XRP… would be a great buy if/when it goes back under $.30 (which might not happen, xrp could honestly lead the recovery). Also, your gulps were nice and quiet today – THANK YOU.

  6. Justin Sun, just announced that he finished burning $800 million worth of Tron on Wednesday. I''ll bet that contributed to the marketcap drop!

  7. Hi CryptoRUs, look at the market chart. Yesterday (24h) at current time total market was $203,5 Billion and today 205.5 So market has gained with $2B and so much Alts are green thats normal. So you were false in your statement. Be sharp next time 😉

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