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  1. This is such an awesome add-on to an already great game. While I mostly liked DA:O better, the pace and easy to use inventory system made this a great game. The ending really blew me away!

  2. Ign u suck! Give everything the same fkn scores between 6.9 gimme a fkn break 0.1 round up to 7 ffs but I do see the cult refrences n code there 369 ain't foolin well me & a small handful of others with all the saturnian bullshit needs to be done away with already ffs ur symbol is a fucking X smfh & this goes over 99.9% of people's heads.

    So I digress…

  3. "Lame bosses" and "No Surprises" yeah bullshit. (SPOILERS)

    Corypheus as a whole and learning he was an original magister that created the Darkspawn?! IGN, this is why we all hate you; don't you get it yet?

  4. Are you kidding? Both of the DLC were better than the whole game. No surprises? You're telling me that fighting a boss that turned into the first darkspawn after entering the Maker's city isn't surprising? And lame bosses? Oh yeah that whole thing with Corypheus was really lame. IGN, you never cease to amaze me.

  5. In my opinion witcher 2 because 1. Some attacks don't look ridiculous like hundreds of arrows falling from the sky from one crossbow without doing about any damage.
    2. Witcher 2 has blocking. 3. Witcher 2 is more challenging in my opinnion.
    In short Witcher 2 because it's more realistic.

  6. people say this game is dumbed down because they are too scared face the brutality of nightmare. REAL gamers play games on the hardest difficulty first.

  7. I see there's some talk about the game being dumbed down, Big game company's seem to think the public consist of people with 2 in iq and does what Americans have done forever and portray and treat the public like complete idiots that cant handle more than 2 spells even if their life depended on it, its seen more and more often in games that could have been great. Console's sadly also has to take some of the blame. and ofc first game draws you in, the second well in to many cases you buy the name

  8. @XXThrashterra88XX
    And in MY OPINION, DA:O had a dull story and ridiculous combat. All the plot had was gather allies, go kill something. Gee wiz I've never done that before. And combat was so boring in DA:O because all I needed was a lone mage and the overpowered spell combos and potions let me one shot everything. If you need to hardcore role-play that bad, do what I did, go to regular D&D session.

  9. @XXThrashterra88XX
    Wow okay. Maybe you don't understand… I don't give a shit about DA2s graphics because they suck just like the first one. And your not stating facts that the game was dumbed down, that's still an opinion.

  10. @XXThrashterra88XX So I'm some kind of console-tard just cause I like a damn game? I'm a simpleton even though I still play Morrowind? Baldur's Gate? Neverwinter Nights? Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition? There is a point where you stop being a nostalgia buff and start being an elitist.

  11. @XXThrashtera88XX I agree, i love origins its my 3rd favorite game of all time that's the point they need to make da3 more like dragon age origins. Have more character interaction, character story. Stop with the same old dungeons over and over. Keep the combat, add more strategy. And have a better story, once they do that da3 will be just as good as origins.

  12. @TwolfStud

    Actually I'm a pause and play gamer and I STILL think DA2 is an improvement. Legacy was what Bioware wanted to do if they had more time, and sadly if EA didn't rush the development, we wouldn't have to listen to all the whining of the Excel Spreadsheet RPG Masterace

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