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  1. Wouldn't the phone get overheated if you leave it out in the sun too long to charge? Like he said it needs 30 hours to charge the whole battery and then wouldn't ios shut down the device making the charging not work

  2. I watch you only because you review things that is interesting to me. I don't like the way you review it. When YouTubers grow to one milion subs, they are going crazy about it. They are changing to worse version of yourself. They are making videos only for cash. You are the same.
    Thanks for reading this.
    P.S. I will NEVER subsribe you. You were better when you have been a small YouTuber.

  3. Yeah… I don't know if this project will work. Specially knowing that nobody likes to be outside this days. Aaand that phones are most of the time in your pocket.

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