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About the Author: Unbox Warehouse


  1. Yo Unboxwarehouse! I think you have your own thing here! It’s great to have influences but you have made this your own! For the record I think you are way funnier than Unbox Therapy. Keep on kicking butt!

  2. If you are going to put your self out there on YT, you might as well come up with something original. You are wasting your moment.

  3. Funny to see my goofy self in this video. In my opinion you aren't a copy of Unbox Therapy, you are just inspired by him. People don't say that gaming YouTubers are copies of gaming YouTubers, just people doing similar things.

  4. Unbox Mike!! I love the line about you're in the garden shed cause your wife won't let you be in the house! haha..but Mike you're better! Much more entertaining 🙂

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