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  1. Get an Ikea lamp to hold the wire and a good bar stool = basically wireless VR, while still being wired.

    It's just not worth it. Yet.

  2. I got theTPcast, it set it up, and now when i try to use it after it loads and tells me to load oculus rift i get a no hdmi error for the headset. Did you ever have this issue ?

  3. It's wonderful but.. here in Italy it costs almost like the Rift! It is demotivating! The VR will continue to struggle to enter the houses if there are these exaggerated prices! Compare the price of any wireless device, of any other device with the price of this, 350 euros. Is absurd! I keep the annoying cable ..
    To producers of peripherals related to VR: YOU MUST MAKE THE VR FRUIBILE, DO NOT RELY IN A NICHE OF PEOPLE!

  4. For those of us not into brain tumours, can the wireless broadcaster (that would go on the head usually) be made to sit somewhere else on our bodies? Like the back maybe?

  5. Seems like this type of product if going to end up like the razor Hydra. It was expensive, but very cool. Ultimately though your gonna wind up with better first party support and some useless tech in two years. Considering how much of a no brainer wireless seems to be there's no doubt the oculus and vive and give will be getting this in the next run. Better off just saving now for new headsets with wireless and better screens.

  6. I think you might be mistaken on the battery life being only 2.5-3 hours. The website says 5 hours and while I have the Vive version I have exceed 5 hours on a single charge so it's not marketing BS.

    Also, there is a beta version of the official software that enables the microphone. You have to open the power box just like OpenTPCast so it's not just a simple software update.

  7. wait, O.O I posted my other comment to soon. I comment as I watch sometimes. does anyone recommend getting connect and keep oculus or move over to the vive? if i do stay with oculus i might get this tpcast. O.O would make things more fun. not have to worry about my cable besides, lately when the cable moves it causes what i see to mess up as though something is wrong with the cord.

    ya i would have to have two extra battery packs. XD when i play vrchat, i play.

  8. Looks cool, but price just like everyone is saying is a bit too steep, so I guess I'll just stick to wired, it's never bothered me that much to become desperate to spend so much on wireless, if it was less, then definitely, my Beat Saber would need a wireless, they messed up on their own software with disabling the mic, but at least there's the open source option.

  9. Hey you should check out the game Primal Carnage:Extinction on steam, Really fun humans v dinos game in which you can be either a dino or human, you can also do dino v dino for awesome battles!

  10. Looks like a lash-up currently.; too many wires, connections, modules, batteries that need charging and is reminiscent of the PSVR. A headset like the Samsung Odyssey with a built-in transmitter would be something worth considering but, until then, I'll stay wired.

  11. Paid three hundred and fifty pounds for mine six months ago,quality piece of kit easy to assemble,five hour battery,no probs at all,can well recommend it.

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