19th Jan The Cryptoverse LIVE – Q&A + So Much News On Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains!

On this weeks episode of The Cryptoverse livestream we’ll be doing Q&A, price movements, technical analysis and catching up on all the news.
This gives me an opportunity to empty out my news pool of items that I didn’t get time to cover this week.

Links to all the stories covered on this stream are at the following link:


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  1. I really like the kaizen way of thinking you talked about in the beginning. I find it goes hand in hand with the way many solid crypto projects are being developed. For example, DeepOnion project, developers are always hearing out the feedback from the general public, and accordingly change the game plan whereever necessary. Unfortunately bitcoin has gone in the opposite direction, they have stared to make the network more centralized. DeepOnion in the other hand brings decentralized governance into play, where all onion holders can vote on the future directions of the project.
    My bold guess would be, that DeepOnion will eventually over take the clumsy and over complex bitcoin lightning network.

  2. So much news indeed! Great first impression, btw. I'll be around for awhile :).

    I love Japans worker developmental practices, and that you covered it. and I'm sacred shitless of the perfection they have actually achieved, and I pray for the West (because the East has essentially gotten to a position where they "have it in the bag  – unless bitcoin collapses. Haha. Coins like DeepOnion will see to its survival as a fiat exchange mechanism until it goes Main stream. Loved the show, Also following you now on Steam . Thanks,. 
    The 1 PM GMT decision was wise.

    And Venezuela has indeed suffered enough!.

  3. Thanks for a very insightful video! I love the interaction with the viewers. I've seen you plenty of times on dtube which one do you prefer? YT or dtube? 🙂 Anyway I also have crypto related question what is your view on non ICO coins? I've been quite bullish on DeepOnion and I wonder if its the right move. Thanks!

  4. You did a detailed analysis of the past price movements. I believe you today said that 11,000 was a support level for BTC.

    But what does that mean? If BTC stays above 11,000 and goes higher, you will say the support level held. If it goes lower down to 8,000 you will say it broke through the support. It can go either way. So how is that analysis useful?

    If you believe that technical analysis is worthwhile, make a useful price prediction over some definite timeframe that can be tested. E.g. In 30 days BTC will be $15,000 +/- 10% .

    I challenge you to use technical analysis to make useful predictions that are testable. Pick whatever timeframe (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year) and whatever error bars (+/- 1%, 5%, 10%, 20%) you think can be predicted.

  5. Next improvement, wear a nice looking suit with a proper dress shirt. Or drop the ugly bland jacket with the ugly patch and a cheapo t shirt underneath all together. I know you got your reasons for them but its not doing you any favors in basic appeal.

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  7. Chris… Well done Sir. You're incremental improvements are making a difference. I also like the background and don't think its a distraction at all (its professional look). Blue shirt and blue background match and the jacket is a nice contrast. Your content and knowledge also shines. I wish to thank you for your time and devotion to this space. You're certainly making a difference in helping us obtain mass adoption at a faster and faster pace. This is incredibly important to stay ahead of the gov's pace in their attempts to control/regulate Crypto.

    Question: Maybe the scaling issue is really a two prong issue:
    1. Tps (speed & volume)
    2. Mining (power usage to mine & manage transactions)

    If in fact energy consumption is as large as it is in the POW arena then it really has a limit… Don't you think? Is this a show topic?


  8. Is there any way of using the steem platform without earning steem? I don't want a Tax event by being paid for my posts. I'm worried that by using steem platform i will incure Tax liability.

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