Jack Spirko Interview On The Survival Podcast (The Cryptoverse #211)

**On Today’s Episode Of The Cryptoverse:**
Here is the recording of my appearance on Jack Spirko’s ‘The Survival Podcast’ from earlier this week. Sorry about the echo on my voice, I was the guest on Jack’s show so he did the recording. Bear with it because I think the content is worth it.

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  1. chris your story is similar to my own. your videos on bitcoin are among the best on youtube but can you please do an episode on the coin gambit? it is a very unique trading group coin with a decreasing supply

  2. Alright! I've been a Prepper since 2007 and part of Jack's "member's support brigade" since around 2009. A significant part of my lifestyle I borrowed from him. The Prepper lifestyle is a more frugal, more stable way to live. And when you add the MGTOW lifestyle to the Prepper lifestyle you get a better, lower stress, more peaceful, more free, more frugal, more stable and vastly more prosperous way to live. Bitcoins and other cryptos are a perfect fit both for the MGTOW and Prepper communities.
    LOL! Jack and I have gone round and round about my choice go to MGTOW however. He seems determined that risking the near 50% divorce rate is a good idea just because marriage has worked out so well for him. LOL, sorry Jack. You and I will never see eye to eye on this issue (unless god forbid, your wife ass-launches you out of your family).

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