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  1. This is an excellent video… but $150 to make $300 headphones… no no no. Beats are total crap , I'd expect that some Chinese Factory is making them for less than $20 a piece , seriously , I know what i'm saying here. I've listened to a lot of "high end " Headphones and 99% of them are shit such as Bose etc.
    My main listening headphones cost £18 Sony MDR V150 that I got in a supermarket ( Sainsburys) Theres nothing better ( that YOU could hear ) for that price, or even 10X that price

  2. Tried beats a few times and absolutely hated everything about them from the cheap feel to the shit sound, and for just a few more $$$ you can get some bose headphones that are a million times better on every level…

  3. The studio beats don’t sound as good as I thought…. The solo’s sound better tho. And the beats pill, when you turn them up to max, it sounds muddy…

  4. Thank You so much for this Video Margues. I am currently looking to buy a set oh over the ear wireless headphones, and I was trying to get some feedback on different brands; and then I stumbled across your video. Such an eye opener.

  5. Beats are trash they break and they make them really cheap they make them so they last a year or less and than they start to not work because the cable is ripping every single time

  6. I bought beats solo 2 for harsh Canadian winter — I mean a stylish ear cover that can play music that costs 150 bucks? Sounds like a deal to me.
    Until I purchased a Jordan toque from winners.

  7. There are three things you know about someone wearing an on ear Beats product: they only listen to rap music, they don't care about sound quality and/or they care more about what they look like to strangers than the sound.

  8. nah for me beats, is nothing cuz if is $300 can buy for like others $300+ headphone pulse it is uncomfortable to wear it or even
    at your neck u see.

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