23rd Feb The Cryptoverse LIVESTREAM – Q&A + So Much News On Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains!

On this weeks episode of The Cryptoverse livestream we’ll be doing Q&A, price movements, technical analysis and catching up on all the news. This gives me an opportunity to empty out my news pool of items that I didn’t get time to cover this week.

Links to the sources are available here:


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  1. Hey Chris whats happnin?? i was just wondering if youve ever heard or checked out Envion. I only seen it for the 1st time today but seemed interesting to me. All to do with low cost energy for mining. Just before i throw any money at it id like to hear some other peoples words on it. im pretty new at this shit always try researching before i buy into to any tokens. i figure the youtube community is a great place for social thoughts and ideas haha.

  2. I don't think Venezuela is worried about local free use of cryptos like LTC, ETH, BTC, Stellar, etc, because the purpose of the Petro is to facilitate free trade between nations seeking to free themselves from global US/fiat/dollar domination.

  3. Bro Im surprised,I think they must be censoring you, because interest is strong and more and more people are subscribing I reckon. Let the paranoia kick in 🙂

  4. Hi Chris – I was wondering about another up-and-coming that is currently in presale (ends 28th Feb). Unicorngo. It seems very promising if you believe their whitepaper… And so I've been considering investing a considerable sum in the presale to get their special offer (If you invest 1 Ethereum or more, you get a gen0 unicorn with some land and CandyTree seed).
    But I'm rather nervous because I don't know how to tell whether it is legit or not… The site looks good, the team is large and seem to check out (all of them russian developers)… But the only reporting I've seen has been published by them, or by "bounty hunters" promoting them

    Could you check them out and let me know if you see any obvious red flags? Thanks for your time and for one of the best crypto_channels out there.

  5. Your knowledge and insights are really appreciated. I agree with other comment – DROP THE CHAT! There are too many air-headed shock jocks out there and they don't need any serious challenge.
    Hey, howabout you run a little 'Questions of the week' contest -rewarding subscribers with a couple of satoshi for the best pre-show submission. It will help eliminate the daft and dumb while getting the rest of us to think for ourselves.

  6. Can only guess why your channel isn't gaining the viewer numbers you hope for……

    Main reasons:
    -Live streams. I think a lot of other youtubers do live streams regularly.
    -Lack of ICO chatter and talk about making gainz.

    Minor reason:
    -Branding – logo looks like a children's nursery styled branding. Maybe the 'The Cryptoverse' doesn't role off the tongue as well as other youtubers channel names.

    May sound stupid, but I remember when I first came across datadash and saw his logo and intro I thought 'this looks like a channel I can take seriously – as this dude has made the effort to create a cool logo'…… yes – sounds stupid – but branding works.

  7. wow a lot of info this week news,
    good ideia all links in a shared doc, would you include the steemit link also? would you include the steemit link also in the private notifications email list?
    note: I do receive all youtube notifications;
    Someday i will buy all the «coices» 😀
    Thanks Chris for all the knowledge

  8. I found this in Telegram Chat from CTO of Everipedia – "yes. We will also code an ERC20-IQ to EOS-IQ relay to facilitate the exchange when the EOS mainnet goes live in June."

  9. Don't worry. You will find that your subscribers and views will follow the bitcoin price. I have talked with a few entertainers in the space and they all confirm this. People either lose a bunch of money or become disenchanted because they're hodling underwater positions.

    I've been receiving alerts, and your content is showing for me. We're just in a lull. Keep up the good work!

  10. Youtube/Google are implementing sensor algorithms like mad and they are probably catching way too many in the "wide net" and not giving testing enough time. I love Bitchute and wish more people would migrate there. Dtube is still a bit clunky, but I love it's on the blockchain. Chris, your content is as valuable. actually gets better and better. It is not you!

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