Blockchain Marketing Genius – Interview Jeremy Epstein, Never Stop Marketing (The Cryptoverse #270)

On Today’s Episode Of The Cryptoverse:
I have a chat with Jeremy Epstein from Never Stop Marketing, a blockchain marketing company assisting the likes of OpenBazaar.

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  1. Wow Chris, amazing interview. I've been watching your channel for months now and this is one of the most informative episodes ever and even more relevant to me as someone in marketing at a fintech (non blockchain) company. Very inspiring and giving me confidence for the road ahead.

  2. Cris, this one was a very good interview. The guy make me think profoundly about many issues. I actually think I want to listen to this one again.

    I specially value what he said about the need for defining bitcoin in terms of It being a product, in terms of what people need it to do; whether I wanted it to be gold to hold on for the long run or whether I needed it to do a small day to day transaction. The fact that it seems that the people working with the technology have not worked this out it's an important point I believe and needs to be looked into.

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