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  1. Now thats how all hdr should work my tv sucks at hdr really really sux and when something doesnt have hdr enabled its all washed out if the game doesnt have hdr on it and even when it does it doesnt seem great and I know its my tv because other tvs do great and if the game doesnt have hdr then it just doesnt use it but no mine has to leave it on and just wash the color out it makes no sense but hell all good

  2. Oled TV's are garbage. They burn in. My 2016 lgb6 burn in. LG And SONY no warranty for burn in. Beautiful picture, but no for all day use. Back to Samsung for a qled or premium 4k.

  3. Manufacturers of tv put the features by installment, of course! Full HD, UHD, HDR, DOLBY vision, etc. , not much of a difference. It's just a ploy to market their products. Even if I buy a full HD it would be comparable to the latest unit LOL.

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