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  1. Worst game I've ever played. 2 Hours, died 42 times of starvation and suffocation. The worst experience I've ever had. Cannot understand or comprehend. All resources lost each time. No Save, No Pause. Fuck this.

  2. Hi me a human don’t read this comment or read this comment or it could explode sorry that lie but read it and it explode in mayo that it warm and none likes warm mayo do you prolly not bye

  3. ░░░░░░▄▄
    love your vids

  4. I'm so jelly that you get to play this early! Overflow make some of the best VR experiences around (Abode and Conductor were awesome)

    Great vid as always, I lol'd hard when you got "stranded in space" within 2 minutes of starting the game XD

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