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  1. The glitch with the referee only counting 1 and 3 counts made this game garbage for me it was the only time i got ride of a wrestling game a month after its release

  2. see I loved svr 2007 that's my favorite because it was like real wwe fight in crowd do moves that throw people out the ring use any environment 2 your advantage man miss those days

  3. This game is probably my favourite wrestling game on the Xbox 360. I even prefer this over 2k17. I spent so many hours in the game modes, especially story designer and creation suite, creating my own CAWs vs Attitude Era Storylines. I wish they made a game that focused more on WCW during the Nitro Era. That would be awesome.

  4. I've seen some reviews of this series and read many peoples opinions on which games are the best. The general consensus seems to be that Shut Your Mouth and Here Comes the Pain are the very best of the series. Most people say HCtP is the better of the two, but some argue that SYM is a little better. Although they are not seen to be on the same level as those games, SvR 2006, SvR 2007, this game(WWE '13), WWE 2K14, and 2K16(I think) are also said to be really good. With the except of the first two games in the series, the rest are considered by the majority(not everyone) to be pretty bad.

  5. I'm used to playing smackdown vs raw 2009 and I just bought this game and hate it. Not used to the controls and I can't lift up my opponent and walk and then slam him😌. I feel restricted. I think I'll just buy svr 2011

  6. Overall a good game. A step up from WWE 12 with the Attitude Era branding and more expanded creation suite. However there were a fuckload of glitches

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