Coinbase Opens Institutional Door To Crypto

Today we talk about Coinbase launching their custodian service for institutions who are worried about crypto security. Plus a market roundup and other news. Learn how blockchain technology works or how to make and save money with cryptos at

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Ethereum Transaction Fees Increase by 7000% Due to Network-Clogging Airdrops

New Online Shooter on Blockchain Lets Players Monetize Their Gaming Skills



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  1. You can see by how proficient Chris is with the 'make it rain' that he's probably spent more than a few tokens at the local table dancing club.
    Someone get this man in a hip hop video!

  2. Chris, if used Scatter to vote, do I now need to relocate my EOS to something like SimpliEOS in order to see airdrops? What were the additional utilities that Scatter offered, in addition to voting, that you spoke of?

  3. I think there is always a misconception about valuations vs actual cash coming into the market. The market cap doesn't actually reflect the amount of money in the space as is calculated by the last price paid and not the price paid for each bitcoin. so a genuine injection of 10 billion dollars would go a hell of a lot further than people think. it could dry out the selling pressure of OTC and tear through the order book on exchanges.

  4. Alts may take a short term hit from this good to be aware of
    Big announcement coming soon from these guys and it could have a big effect on alts, they will be demonstrating some of their features and exposing the shitcoins that have crept into the top 100, in the top 50 apparently nearly half will be affected.

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    The Blue Protocol is a network of smart contracts and backend systems that protect user funds, improve user experience and secure digital assets. This includes developer tools, consumer software and guidelines for the development of digital assets in a safe and decentralized manner.

    What does the Blue Protocol provide?

    Our Blue Protocol allows for 2-factor authentication without a central party. Funds are held in smart contracts for users, who maintain complete control over these meta-wallets. This is secured by the blockchain identification system, secure asset storage, smart contract analysis, blockchain analysis, address blacklisting and whitelisting, and anti-phishing capabilities.

    Where can I use these features?

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    Is the Blue Protocol “just a wallet”? What is the BLUE SDK?

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  5. On the contrary, Chris. Market capitalization figures and actual cash committed isn't linear. Doctor Julian Hosp (of TenX infamy) created a 50 to 1 formula. He thinks as little as $1 billion of actual USD is being committed for every $50 billion increase in cumulative market cap ( That explains the volatility. Very little actual money is in play at any given time. At the height of the $838 billion market cap peak, there may have been less than $20 billion in actual USD committed. JP Morgan reached a similar conclusion on the ratio of market cap versus actual USD committed. At 12:10 in the video.

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