EEK! Technical Analysis Crypto Markets Hit Lowest Point in 2018

At $210B, we have a yearly low in the market cap of crypto assets. I ditch what I had prepared to do an unscripted livestream looking at the markets through the lens of technical analysis.
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  1. The all hope needs to be lost theory is wrong: All upside movement happens in a few 1 minute candles. Before and after you have only sideways 'movement'. Conclusion: All significant movements are single big accounts, most likely bots, not average small timers.

  2. Cris, i am trying to join your group , champion patron, however, I'm having an issue by passing the COOKIES, i am not a computer savvy at all, so could you please explain how I can join your Patron. thanks

  3. ACTUALLY NANO IS THE BEST way and the fastest, and i don't hold any NANO or XRP, however Nano take the Record when it comes to how fast, and NO, Double Spending!?

  4. They don't manipulate with volume. They use all the fiat gateways and major crypto exchanges like Bitfinex to control pricing. You only need to manipulate with volume when you don't own the exchanges. Tether has been proven (beyond a reasonable doubt) to be a fraud and an instrument of the elites to manipulate prices. Noble Bank? Are they behind Tether? Are they behind Bitfinex? And I'm not talking about BP. He's a front, a tool, a puppet. The current financial system is controlled. "They" are far more crafty and intelligent than the average person, and even crypto investor. Mark my word, we won't see the next bull market until "They" signal the traditional markets to FAIL!

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