How To Add 1.8 Billion New Crypto Users In One Go

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse…
Here are the top 4 crypto news stories I think are worth paying attention to.

Stories today include:

The UK regulators considering a ban on crypto derivatives specifically, potentially good news 1:22
The first Islamic crypto exchange is under development to bring the worlds 1.8b Muslins into the ecosystem 4:11
Bittrex is splitting itself in 2 to free itself from the straight jacket that is US law 7:17
And the Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 9 is now available to watch for free 8:47

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U.K.’s Financial Regulator Mulls Ban on Sale of Crypto Derivatives

First Islamic Crypto Exchange to be Launched in 2019
If you type ADAB into Wikipedia…

Bittrex To Launch Separate International Exchange

Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 9 Has Been Released


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  1. An economist said Bitcoin price movement could be closely related to Google searches for the cryptocurrency, I don't really know how true that is.But i worked with a man called Joseph Civello he helped me achieve a lot from bitcoin trading and i am forever grateful to him

  2. lol, there is no such a thing called sharia law, when it comes to crypto, its just as HALAL to buy any assets with out no interest. if your allowed to buy Bitcoin, then it should be the same across the board, Bitcoin, XvG Ethereum, OR Xlm , same rules apply for sharia law., across when it comes to crypto. if any coin is Volatile then how are they going to control the price movement to make it HALAL ????

  3. Around 700+ million Muslims have never used a PC or a debit card… they are a backwards race of ghost worshipping morons. Just like most religious people. ✌?

  4. Everybody in the world should watch the suggested video re The Secrets of Money_Now I have to watch every episode 🙁 We're lucky this material is openly available_1.8 Billion! How can it be a bad thing?

  5. Back when crypto and bitcoin were considered halal or whatever the term was… I believe in March 2018 if memory serves, I remember thinking what that could do for both adoption and liberation. It also got me thinking philosophically about interest and usury – while I gut react to “man’s interpretation of a higher power’s intention regarding my ability to borrow money”, I have a stronger gut reaction to man’s corrupt banking system that completely invents money out of thin air, lends it to the uneducated and indoctrinated, and earns interest on it. Maybe there’s something to this “rule” when applied to governments and institutions.

  6. well because God doesn't want to, that's crystal clear. Everybody knows the Islamic law doesn't allow manipulation on crypto assets! they surely don't wanna go to islamic hell for islamic god's sake!

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