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  1. I was sitting around hoping to hear a Dying Light comparison (because it gives off that vibe), but figured maybe they didn’t play it to mention it. Lol But I did feel that Left 4 Dead may be a misleading comparison. Left 4 Dead feels more like a fun arcade zombie shooter (whether playing coop or solo), while this looks a lot more objective based in the Dying Light, or maybe a State of Decay essence. I don’t know though, I kind of feel like I’m going to give it some time to improve before buying. Maybe around time the console version drops, the PC version would have had a decent enough amount of TLC to get at a later date.

  2. I hated L4D because of how fast paced and arcadey it was. This seems to play way more realistic and looks way better than the first gameplay. Might be a decent game to pick up on sale

  3. Um so let's get this straight… we have amazing co-op zombie shooters such as COD Zombies, Left 4 Dead, Dying light,Dead Island, and they are trying to sell us this sorry excuse for a Cod zombies clone with the walking dead brand tacked on.

  4. I had such high hopes from this game but after playing 2 hrs of beta, I immediately refunded it. Biggest disappointment since No Man's Sky

  5. When i saw the trailer : "Wow!
    When i tried the beta: "Ooook…. I guess the main game will be different"
    After an hour in main game: "Yeeeah…This is not a Walking Dead game at all"


  6. I’m so glad I watched this gameplay before purchasing this game, totally changed my mind. I feel like the trailers were misleading for me.

  7. I don't know if I'm gonna get this or not. I'm not liking how there's no variety of enemies, not liking how there's roles for the characters. There's no interest in this game at all. It seems all the same.

  8. I am still interested in this game, but now, the biggest motivation for me getting this is the special edition, the one with the steelbook and stuff. I hope that the game is more interesting upon release. It should be, I have no doubt.

  9. I would prefer this game be a open world single player where you transitions in between characters with the ability of coop.

    But this shit looks like strictly horde mode , I could be wrong.

  10. The part where a zombie seemed to bust through the gate was cool, but it was actually just a glitch that made the zombie clip through it lol!

  11. I was so hyped after looking at the trailer that i announced on my stream that am going to stream this day on the first day of release but now I regret my decision

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