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  1. Just watched your interview on Hot Ones and you said at the end if anyone wanted/needed you to suggest something to ask…so here it goes. I own a Droid Turbo and have had it for 3+ years. Within the last year I have been searching for a better phone, but have yet to find one that can beat the Turbo on speed, picture, or battery life. I know there are phones out there with more memory and better cameras, but every time I go in to Verizon to look at what they have I am disappointed to find that nothing really stacks up to what I have and feel like I would be trading down if I bought any of the newest phones. I have always owned Motorola phones and love them, but would be willing to risk trying something new based on your recommendation. What phone would you recommend for me to buy that would blow my mind?

  2. I still have my Droid turbo. No major problems and tough as nails especially with a case. My only problem is that getting accessories for this phone other than a charger is a pain and the battery is 'non removable' Actually it is removable but it's so complicated i'd rather let a professional do it.

  3. Would you recommend this one or the Moto Turbo?? I'm concerned about the display in addition to overall speed and performance

  4. Fast forward almost 4 years since I've owned this phone. Best phone BY FAR of any phone that was available at the time. It was years beyond other phones, especially an iphone for all you iphone fan boys out there. Iphone wasn't even close to this. My only wish that it didn't have, was an SD slot. The battery was/is still huge, the camera is still great, built in Qi, and an indestructible screen (iphone guys don't know what I'm talking about). Some other unsaid features in this review. And only people who have this phone know what I'm talking about….the charger for this phone is unlike any I've ever had. Even to this day. I don't know what magic fairy dust is in it but it charges the phone faster than anything else I own that uses a charger. Especially the fact that it has such a large battery. Everyone I tell that doesn't have one looks at me like I'm crazy. Their loss. Also, people still ask me why I just shook my phone…and then see that the flashlight came on. Or if you flip your wrist twice the camera comes on. I can't emphasize how handy these two features are. This phone, 4 years later, still rivals other phones. My only issue now sadly is the lithium battery is starting to lose it's longevity. I'm seriously considering just having it replaced. Especially since I only paid $100 for it 4 almost years ago. Now phones that have this capability are insanely more expensive. Droid Turbo=one of best, if not best smartphones ever.

  5. 3 years later my battery still lasts all day long, I've dropped it a million times on concrete off ladders etc, never broken. can't say that for the new phones!!!

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