My EOS Theory / LiteCoin on / $500m Of XRP Lost

Today I share my theory on the EOS FUD and report a couple of news stories. Check out the launch offer for my new course The Master Cryptocurrency Trader at:

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  1. Pornhub asked SpankChain first to adopt their currency. But SpankChain said "no" and so Pornhub went with Verge. Verge paid a lot for this… I think it says a lot about this Pornhub / Verge "partnership"….

  2. brother u have much phlagmatic mood temprement personality..phlagmatic moods are knowligable nicest people on earth..they love best communicate are teacher councelors to kings best book why people act the way they tim la hay..second best man in the world on human behaviour..i am 40% plagmatic…i have 4 a intravert like u.. max moods is 4…most have 3…all diffrent moods..have diffrent strengths… the 3d one, often hidden..most of the time..every mood has extra skills..and weaknesses..the moods come in a hiracy of strenths..strong plagmatic and sangvans moods..have a messy hand writting..messy hand writting is strong right side brain..some people have strenth on both sides of the brain so are geniouses..i am not a genious my left brain side is week…but u could have a genious brain..if yr hand writting is real neat..left brain side…since i feel u also have strength in the right side too..since are knowlegable love right side of the brain… i read faces and a people profiler..english lanvage 3,,no time to fix type ..lanvage typing my weakness..docofinfomation…my father was aust most widly skilled knowlegable man..

  3. Nailed it, Chris… But extend that concept a little further to really blow your mind: The entity with which you most closely resonate is your past & future self… That's why deja vu is the uncanny feeling you've experienced the event before — you HAVE, in the future.

    Please continue with your introspections. Your TA is excellent, but it's your personality the viewers enjoy.

  4. Love your videos, especially this introspection section on vibration and that our own perceptions are our main drivers of how we view the world. I have just signed up for your Master Cryptocurrency Trader course to help improve my perception of cryptos. Cheers.

  5. About the introspection section…. There is a new theory of physics which exactly matches how you described the Planck Scale effects. It is called Quantum-Geometry Dynamics and it is laid out in a short, easily understandable paper here: It turns out fundamental physics is a lot simpler than existing models suggest. If you are at all interested in physics, I think you'll find this paper very interesting.

  6. Love the introspection section! Please do more of that. But I am really unclear about your post-June 1 open ERC20 EOS trades. I thought ERC20 EOS trades after the June 1 freeze will be meaningless. Once the snapshot of ERC20 EOS tokens is taken, isn't it irrelevant who owns those EOS tokens after that?

  7. i was wondering the same thing about people who are so anti-eos (aside from the major eth-heads) — it's almost like the devil himself is crying out against this project and spurning his disciples to try to tear it down and stop it. Very interesting. I'm actually hoping EOS dumps down to the levels you mentioned because I'm going to load up the truck with heaps more of it when it does. Great non-technical almost spiritual analysis dude!

  8. Hi Cryptoverse, i am from Germany and i have my EOS at Bitfinex, am i safe regarding MainNet Token Swap and Airdrops? many say yes but i didn´t see any announcement from Bitfinex..

  9. But Chris – you are a man I respect – but how can anyone ignore what Bix Weir is revealing about EOS – I mean, how can anyone just ignore something like this – this is MAJOR smoke and flames here – this is REAL bad for crypto space, like BitConnect it is harming our cause :-
    Bix Weir is revealing facts here, these are not mere opinions.

  10. Thanks again for the videos. Keep up the good work. Question however, – why do you accept DASH which has a shady history and weak privacy, instead of XMR? XMR has superior privacy (CT -Rings developed by a bitcoin core developer Greg Maxwell) and doesn't have a pre mine of 1 million tokens for its creator. The reason I asked this is DASH has a bad vibe to me. By you accepting DASH is a way of endorsing its shady history. Why not endorse the most functional privacy coin that doesn't have a shady history. nice day.

  11. Hey Chris, great stuff.
    Question: in your discussion about your EOS buy order strategy for a potential sell off after launch…how are you placing an order for a coin that doesn't exist yet? Forgive me if this is a stupid question, Im a bit new to crypto space. Thanks. John

  12. The Cryptoverse my/our mission/vision is similar (harmonious humanity through constructive curiosity) having said that – in relation to eos – so far, i’m yet to get a sense of harmony in the form clarity in their intentions/actions or communication. especially with their choice to be centralised, and that fundamental choice not coming from the community. the structure of the consensus algorithm is the heart of the heart, and so to build it from the start with centralisation at the core seems to me to be such an achilles heel of a flaw. it’s not something that can easily if at all changed down the line, we don’t have to look further than all the forks that have happened, or ethereums pow to pos efforts with casper.

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