New Gemini Dollar, The Final Nail In Tethers Coffin

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse…
At 3 pm London time yesterday, Cameron Winklevoss posted an article on Medium with the title “Gemini Launches the Gemini dollar: U.S. Dollars on the Blockchain”.
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The official announcement:

The story of Bernard von NotHaus

The page audit reports will appear on:

The audit report for launch:

The website of their accounting firm:

The Gemini dollar smart contract:

The security audit report:


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  1. TUSD is available on many exchanges and are being audited through attestations by Cohen and Co. Very trustworthy alternative stablecoin pegged to the USD. Tether is crypto cancer.

  2. Hey Cryptoverse! This was actually really informational and never new what Gemini was doing until I found this video on Reddit and watched. Thanks for making this.

  3. Sorry I don't mean to be unkind but is it a lucky Jacket and T shirt you wear, as I have seen them both on quite a few of your videos. Great informative videos by the way?

  4. Well, here we go withe stable coin revolution which will overbtc for market cap. I honestly believe all these big institutions will create coins in order for customers to trade

  5. Tether is still trading about 2billion in 24 hours. Good luck new stable coin lmao!! Tether will always win until another stable coin reaches tether’s 24h volume.

  6. This is an interesting move from Gemini. Does this have anything to do with the big Tax question? Why use a Gemini dollar if you can just use the USD? Unless the only taxable event is Fiat in and Fiat out.

  7. Excellent background today. Looks good. However, if the arrows were to flow off the background onto your jacket in real time that would be better. (kidding lol)

  8. The Gemini Twins were already granted one of the Fiat Gateways, which means they've been given the blessing by the Elite Money-Changing Mafia. They were passed over when Facebook was given to Zuck. Of course, none of them actually created facebook;)

  9. Just realized Coinbase somehow made 2 purchases of bitcoin with my money with market orders. Cost me about 200 dollars including their $18.52 charge. I very ever do a market trade-always limit. Not whining just informing.

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