Elastos Fraud Accusations / China Court Rules For Crypto / EOS 17,000x Better Than ETH

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse…
I have hand picked 5 top crypto news stories for you today, plus I’m including a chart of the day segment as the 6th segment, today we’re going to look again at Veritaseum.

Stories today include:
00:00 – Introduction
01:17 – EOS vs ETH
02:46 – Elastos Fraud
03:57 – TrueUSD in Exodus
05:27 – Chinese Court Ruling
06:47 – Indian Supreme Court
09:30 – VERI/BTC Chart

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EOS is 17,000 times more energy efficient than Ethereum according to analysis done by Genereos Australia

Bad publicity for Elastos as 100 Chinese investors get together and draft a whitepaper detail 8 specific counts of fraud and manipulation



Did you know that the Exodus wallet supports instant exchange to and from the TrueUSD stablecoin?

Chinese arbitration court says Bitcoin should be legally protected as property

Indian Supreme Court Gives Government Two Weeks to Submit Cryptocurrency Report


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  1. Hoping it wil drop to 3$. So I will buy me a big bag and put it in the drawer for let’s say 2 years. Thats what investing is all about. Spot the opportunity at the right place and right time. Elastos is like the chance buying Ethereum for $4 or Bitcoin for 50$ just a few years ago. How much Fud and other negativity had the true believers to swallow that time? And how many weak hands did dump those golden coins and now wishing they didnt?
    I strongly believe we have the same opportunity now with Elastos if not a better one. People with short vision never will be rewarded in any game. My personal opinion is that crying like a bitch wont build my dreams. See y’all at the millionairs party 2021 😉


  2. I have been following your Videos for a while now and was under the belief that you were honest and knew the Crypto Space. Michael from Box mining has been discovered to be a shill and a Fudster against elastos. Why make a Video when you have provided no new information and have created more fud.. Was this clickbait.. Please get your act together as the Crypto space does not need Videos that have no information..

  3. Big decision made with not even a vote or a discussion just SHOCK centralised decision and fck all the investors. I hope these organised fraudsters get everything they deserve. 90% drop in price with continued FOMO from the ambassadors of ELASTOS they sold to private groups and they gave preferential mate rates and view chain raised funds and sold at $50 and who gets whacked the everyday person. What about governance commitee for those who owned 10k ELA ??? !!! What about the millions of ELA spent with no audit !!! SCAM SCAM SCAM. NO FINANCIAL STATEMENTS NO GOVERNANCE !!! And breaking lock in ageeement and lawsuitz being filed… tell me your not seriously going to defend this scam coin… ELA is finnished.

  4. In it for the long term but my positions one one one turn out to be fudded to hell. Ela – end of token lockup and maybe being sued. Ada – internal struggled and slow to get going. Vechain – scammy exagerated partnerships. Neo – apparently dead and in competition with partners not co-operating (ont).

  5. That's the thing with Chinese projects, you can never get the whole picture of it, they are totally not transparent on their moves and they always appears to be holding "hiding cards under theirs sleeve" that will benefit a small group not the community. Great ideas but very, very poor management. And about Boxmining, I wouldn't count on him, yep.

  6. Your a douchebag man you don't know anything clearly, have you got nothing better to do? Did you choose a token that's popular so you can get more views? Fool guy

  7. US SEC compliance is a bullshit excuse by Elastos. They unlocked funds so investors could invest in another bullshit Ethereum ICO called ioeX. Rong supports the Taiwan ICO more that losing credibility for himself and Elastos. He is clearly not a business man, but an academic who doesn't care about other people's money. Many people lost money and he's responsible. Elastos is finished.

  8. …And for what its worth, I've observed that a number of veteran Crypto Youtubers that had gained a degree of notoriety appear to have their ego get the better of them. Some have been calling Boxmining out for that. Your "disinterest" in the drama is showing your "journalistic" integrity. Just saying…your ego is showing

  9. Wow, I guess you are not very well connected to the politics surrounding Elastos, Boxmining and ChicoCrypto? You've asked a Youtuber who is currently embroiled in his own accusation of fraud to see if a document most of us can't read smells of fraud? I'm sorry but your credibility has dropped dramatically unless you put out another video to point this matter out!

  10. While you can change to TUSD on the exodus wallet, the rate is terrible on BTC, to be useful the rate would need to be a lot closer to the true market rate.

  11. One important thing to consider is the much lower overhead cost for EOS block producers due to lower electricity expenses. There is much less pressure to dump EOS on the market to pay monthly expenses and more money available to upgrade the network.

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