EOS Rules: Worbli Launches TODAY and WAX Dominates Skin Trading

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse…
I would like to talk about EOS, the whole of EOS and nothing but EOS so if you don’t like EOS, do not under any circumstances watch this video.

Worbli Goes Live Today 0:43
WAX Now Live 3:52

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Worbli interview

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  1. …but, EOS isn't a blockchain. Once I heard that I sold it all and became Amish. So everyone stop your projects! Cease, and desist from the evolution of the space! Apparently what you are doing isn't blockchainy enough. Move along nothing to see here.

  2. I agree with the black hole theory, I believe eos will be the one of the few black holes equivalent to ios, android or pc but for blockchain.
    I still cant understand how these sister chains will benift the main chain and how they will interact, if they do, especially wax.

  3. Okay I bought some wax quite a while ago. it's the same wax because I knew that they do the skins for games.
    But I bought it as an erc20 token. So where does that leave me?
    Did I miss something? Where my black stokens replaced with new ones on a different blockchain?

  4. If WAX is using ERC20 there's no way they are doing over a million transactions a day. It must be offline internal transactions.

  5. From Worbli website: "Enterprise business will benefit from full AML/KYC user account verification".
    And they state that as a virtue.

  6. trust me im a cs god :/ U CAN ALLREADY LOOK AT THE WEAPONS LIKE THAT WITH OUT WAX…. ive done it for years,,, honestly dude wax is not impressive YET. Gaming company dont want kids gambling with skins 🙂 EVEN STEAM/VALVE has cut down on 50% of gambling. they now have cooldowns on how many times you can send skins…. THEY own the skin it is there property… its on there servers..,.. if they want to delete that skin. then they can. if they want to block you're account they can… honestly wax is overhyped…. there is all ready a market for selling and trading skins.. and all blockchain does it record it…. but yet the game account the skin goes to…also records it… im lost

  7. The amount of time you used to explain that you weren't going to explain wobbly you could have just explained what wobbly was. This eould be helpful for the portion of your audience who dont have time to watch the prior episode

  8. My boss told me that Binance will airdrop many EOS tokens will this also happen in the EOS wallet? Do you receive more or less tokens on Binance vs Lynx wallet?

  9. Hey .killavid ??

    Sorry if this question seems ridiculous ?

    My EOS are sat in my EXODUS wallet .. only some on BINANCE

    will I get airdrop

    Also I’ve been to site signed up with an email but that can’t be it .. haha I’m missing something cryptouni…

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