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  1. I really like DR4, but the only thing I hate about the game is that there are no more psycho fights with the cinematic scenes, if the game had that it would be a great game but not the best in the series, my favorite is DR2 ?

  2. You guys seemed to like this a LOT better than the 50/50 reviews it got on Steam. Only 49% of the 1000+ reviews on Steam recommend this game, but you guys make it sound MUCH better than that. Biased review?

  3. lack of difficulty IS a huge downer…. that was half the fun of dead rising 1-3!!! at the first you felt like a normal person who had to scavenge to survive, only to later at the end game be a complete badass in knight armor wielding dual chainsaws. it was a sense of progress!

  4. I bought this recently because it’s a game that released with all its content unlike most games nowadays and I continue to play the older games because they have more content than most games nowadays and don’t charge you to unlock appearances like boots or bras

  5. Soooo…

    Am I the only one who misses the time restriction? I liked the feeling of limitation and it also gives a reason to make every stop you make count.

  6. I like how the timer is gone but there Isn't really anything to do. I guess the guy flying the helicopter was right "nothin to do but burn time at the shopping mall"

  7. I remember buying DR1 for the 360 only played it for around 5hrs because the timer was so annoying: now I got DR4 and it's much more enjoyable for me.

  8. Im late to the party here with my review, but the game isnt bad. I agreed with the IGN review. While the game is easier then the previous installments, its no walk in the park. West does feel a bit like Ash from Evil Dead, but its still a fun game. Dont let all the negative comments steer you off from buying it. Especial since its only 25 bucks now.

  9. dont have xbone and havent played this but love the series and this game seems great! no clue why people hate on it other than gamers are spoiled a f these days and bandwagoning hope to play it one day

  10. This game is tons of fun. I'm about 5 hours in and I think I've only completed one case because there is tons to do and awesome combo weapons to make. Although, the story is very interesting so far. Definitely pick this up if you're interested.

  11. Sure it’s great if you’ve never played dead rising but if you are a true fan it’s like Capcom just said ya know what let’s just bring Frank West back and make him into batman

  12. I got this game a few weeks and although I’ve always been a fan of the series this may be my favorite one. I love how the game actually has you do detective work unlike the other games where the story had you go somewhere and the story just kinda fell in your lap. I’m also glad I have this on a One X so I don’t have to worry about the technical issues.

  13. They said the no day-night cycle and no countdown timer was a good thing?!
    And they just slipped the no cutscene for the psychos above their heads?
    There's so many other things they slipped or praised for no reason.

  14. The only bad thing about this game is the Frank Rising DLC . It's near impossible to free roam as you have a 1 hour to complete it all whilst collecting wasps and the worst bit is that if you die…. the timer doesn't reset

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