Spotify Buys Blockchain Startup Mediachain to Improve Royalty Distribution (The Cryptoverse #259)

**On Today’s Episode Of The Cryptoverse:**
Digital music streaming service Spotify has acquired blockchain company Mediachain with a view to solving the problems associated with royalties attribution on its platform.
The news segment begins at 5:31

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  1. Yeah, the Ethereum chain will get huge as fuck, but somehow I'm thinking Swarm or Storj will mitigate this problem. And private chains + off chain transactions.

  2. Can you remove the ads on the page you are reviewing, btw, before you record them? I hate to see a picture of a burger when I spent all my money on crypto instead of food. <3 <3 <3

  3. Great video, but why do people insist on putting the "tl:dr" at the END of their posts/videos. The point is to give you a summary so you can save yourself time in case it's not interesting, or you just don't have time to sit through/read the whole thing. Putting it at the end is borderline insulting since they've already read/watched the whole thing in order to get to it. Still enjoyed it though so keep it up.

  4. I cant cash out! Banks wont let me wire cash into them! Poloniex caps withdrawals! I want to take profits! but I cant. There is a massive bottle neck in the system. The banks.

  5. Bitcoin has to be both a store of value and digital cash. Bitcoin is valuable because it can be used to transact, and vice versa. Segwit has to be activated on bitcoin soon, otherwise bitcoin will be left behind.

    There are so many exciting projects on bitcoin like rootstock (bringing smart contracts to bitcoin) and lightning network (so roger can buy his coffee with bitcoin!) currently going on but it is sad to see that we are stagnating and only see insults in our community. At this rate, we may see other cryptocurrencies overtake bitcoin within a year or so.

    I am hopeful about the scaling bitcoin meeting in May. We might see something good out of it (hopefully a consensus on segwit since it is already on litecoin!). The bitcoin community has to move forward or it will be left behind.

  6. It takes a long time to get paid from music royalties/licensing in the present form. And the paperwork can be ridiculous for what you're trying to do. I think blockchain tech could be the next HUGE step for the music industry hopefully keeping it more decentralized and paying out what's due to the artists and their organizations. So will each platform have their own blockchain? Can artists create their own blockchains and "plug" them in to different platforms? Not being a tech guy I'm just going to assume yes to those questions, that it's all possible with the right code.

  7. Interesting question about disk space, I recommend reading up on ethereum sharding.

    I think it is also easy to underestimate the growth of storage tech I remember when memory sticks were crazy expensive and crazy small like £1000 for 1gb think that was about 12 years or so ago.

    Typical of a bitcoin news site not to mention that media chain is/was a Ethereum start up…

  8. Ethereum will potentially solve many problems but at the moment they are kind of a beta product and more of an MVP. We don't even know what the inflation will be after the Casper release. It's extremely overpriced!

  9. Ethereum is planing on making it so that you dont have to download the hole blockchain but everyone has just a little piece of it. kinda like how storj works.

  10. i agree Ethereum has not faced its first REAL test and it is coming. No one will be able to predict when it will be tested but WHEN it is tested, it will take down with it ALL the token's built on top of it. This will for a time will disrupt the entire Crypto market. The get rich quick inventors will all be washed out of the ETH ecosystem. Money will rush into BTC and the Privacy coins. It will be a wild ride and only those with a steady hand will survive with their investments.

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