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  1. Ign really doesnt care to hide its bias towards big developers
    Red dead 2 has problems but they gave it a 10
    Spiro has no negative comments and it's an 8.5

  2. Great graphic engine. I would like to see many others Games in this engine!
    This Engine with Crash Team Racing and my Heart is yours, Sony!

  3. I want a reboot of the spyro were there is a small open world and the others purple looking dragon,i dont remember the name but that game was so cool

  4. This guy actually took his time while commentating the review. Usually IGN's people try to rush through the video for some reason when they do these.

  5. To everyone saying there's no negative but it got an 8.5/10, he literally said Spyro 1 has not great load times. Relax 8.5 is a really great score

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