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  1. Ok so I know everyone hates this game but you have to think this is a kids game me and my friends have spent hours playing this game with at least 30 kids. It's really fun I would give a 8.5

  2. Omg i Love this game i play it all the time and i love the cool minigames and this was typed by a 12 year old welp ima play my craftymines on switch

  3. Nintendo is currently in talks with Atari to find out if they can lease some of that landfill they filled ET with back in the 80s to throw this game into as well.

  4. This game is like Facebook — it's fun if you have great friends 😉 Some people will say "it's stupid", and shrug off, and some will jump in and have lots of fun doing different things and having laugh 🙂

  5. "its a game that you show once, and maybe never again"… yeah, also it costs almost as much as a AAA game that would last, at the very least 3 times more, and dont require others, and silence.

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