Bitcoin Spam Attack / AlphaBay Permanently Closed / Poloniex Withdraw Problem (The Cryptoverse #304)

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse:
1. And Is Poloniex having trouble with withdrawals?
2. It looks like AlphaBay has closed for good
3. There’s evidence that the Bitcoin network has been under sustained spam attack

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  1. Were you able to get your withdrawal from Poloniex? I withdrew 2 LTC July 5. Now it is almost 2 weeks already and I am still  "Awaiting Approval." I sent them a ticket through their support center. So far, nothing. No replies or anything.

  2. The Poloniex withdrawal problems are 100% dependent on the size of your withdrawal. The problems are true and real. If you make a small withdrawal you will have no problems. I have been trying to get my BTC withdrawal out of Poloneix for nearly a month now. It says "Awaiting Approval". About 2 weeks ago they finally acknowledged my help ticket and put the funds back in my account, I then attempted to withdrawal them again only to find myself "Awaiting Approval" again for the past 2 weeks. And again still no answer to my ticket. There is no way of knowing if this is a security issue or a solvency issue. BE CAREFUL!

  3. this is the article if anyone wants to read it.
    proof its not blah blah blah. Crypto verse is talking a lot of blah
    blah blah. Don't need to do a withdrawal yourself just look on reddit. I
    didn't claim Poloniex is insolvent so don't put words in my mouth. I
    said a person on reddit who said he worked for them last year stated
    they were broke. And now withdrawals are lagging. Your just a crypto currency shill.

  4. Hmm….withdrawals at poloniex work well for me…..I just did a withdrawal after seeing this video….but anyways good videos from you as usual….keep up the good work….

  5. No issue with Polo & BTC withdrawals. This broker is regularly attacked on social networks; more than others at the point I find it suspicious. It is working for me flawlessly for months.

  6. Agreed on the drugs issue. The war on drugs was lost long ago, much like the wars abroad. Prohibition has never stopped anything.

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