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  1. This is sao what did you expect story wise?, ofc combat is repetetive most games have repetetive combat, enemys reskinned? Remind me how much you gave Zelda BOTW? Story limits are not a con… 7/10 from me. Its not perfect but its far from what you made it up to be.

  2. I want an rpg/mmo more like sword art. Like starting not knowing your stats or skills, because they would develop over time by doing certain things. Lots of world quests that would have some effect on everyone on that floor or floors. And then add in the way you can do things like, focusing on being a blacksmith and opening shops. Making it more dynamic. But idk. Maybe it's too much to ask for.

  3. I just want to answer one problem that the reviewer had that I semi disagree with but in no way got mad at them for except for the prononciation of Alfheim but here is the answer the problem they had. The repetitiveness is because it's based off the anime in which they're in an mmo which are normally repetitive and once again with the money and expensiveness of the weapons is because you're supposed to farm to earn those weapons

  4. "Recycled enemies" you do realize all mmo's or mmorpg's have this or at least a majority i realize you guy have to make videos for quotas but it is complete opinions for these reviews if you dont want to fight the same enemies "over and over and over" don't play an mmo I personally think the game looks great add a character creation and I'm sure it would be more complete but this is just like any mmo repetitive quests expensive equipment, i havent seen your guys other reviews for mmo but saying to "keep this game from taking off" is pretty harsh most people could find this game entertaining and enjoyable, of course idk if the person narrating actually played the game but I'm pretty sure there are some interest to the story i know my opinion wont matter but this review isn't really convincing to me its pretty short and pretty biased.

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