VIRTUAL REALITY SPY GAME | The Price of Freedom VR (HTC Vive Gameplay)

The Price of Freedom is a VR puzzle game that let’s you dive into the role of Agent Zero. Your mission is to assassinate a guy called Benjamin Miller, a enemy of …


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  1. I played this game and quickly got hooked to it, then 5 mins passed, and the game was over, Feelsreallybadman, came here just to see if that was the end of the game, which it was 🙁

  2. Haha you are saying her name wrong, but it doesn't really matter. I found it funny you said it like your own name, and I can't blame ya! Cathy [kath-ee]

  3. The game proved, that you are not good at puzzle games.

    The tone was very dubious right from the start: Some speaker with a German accent claiming to be from the CIA (notorious for their war crimes and horror stories) asks you to take a pill (strongly implies some mind control), to watch a stupid propaganda video about "freedom" and to kill some stranger. The video was so cheesy you had to ask yourself, if this were serious or sarcastic.

    So I tried to warn Miller by shooting in the air, sadly that somehow kills him anyway. I saw it coming that I am his daughter, even though my version had no butterfly birth-mark yet.

    But it's interesting to see, how a clueless gamer with lack of knowledge about history would play such a game. 😀

  4. hey nathie love you videos i am consitering getting a oculus toutch system i have vive now but thing all the nice games is on oculus will you say it is nice to get ore is vive enugh ? best regard THE70sMAN 😉

  5. Remember me nathie you were the first person to pin me to the top and you pressed the love button on my comment and I think you were so nice to me so thanks I also forgot to sub sorry bout that bub

  6. You should say if its free in the beginning of your video. I paused after 30 seconds to check the price, then experienced it by myself and than watched your video. This is just a big Spoiler for a free experience. Nevertheless, thanks for making me aware of this.Go on with your channel!

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