Circle Tragically Removes Bitcoin Trading From Its App (The Cryptoverse #161)

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Circle, one of the largest venture capital-backed Bitcoin startups in Europe, officially terminated its Bitcoin trading services and has launched a Bitcoin Blockchain-based remittance and messaging application to serve the unbanked.

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[Circle’s Blog Post About Spark](

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  1. Good episode! I agree with everything you said Chris. I was an avid user of Circle, it was my gateway to poloniex, this sudden move by Circle left me in the lurch!

  2. Looks like the IRS is going to create it's own worst enemy. Their harassment of Coinbase will force bitcoin to further disconnect from the conventional economy and encourage further development of decentralized bitcoin exchanges.

  3. I don't know anyone besides you that used Circle. If they are based in the USA it would make sense that they cancel BTC after the issues with Coinbase and the IRS.

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