Kraken Announces Support For Tether “The Crypto Dollar” (The Cryptoverse #239)

**On Today’s Episode Of The Cryptoverse:**
What if you could hold your trading an investment fund in a price stable cryptocurrency pegged to the US Dollar? There are many projects working on this but today I look at Tether and give some practical tips from the inside of my Kraken account.
News segment begins at 4:25

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  1. I noticed that the buy price for the cc's are actually lower when you buy with usdt.
    vs buying directly from an exchange using usd.

  2. So basically… You can't trade with USD. Convert USD to USD-T, then transfer USD-T into a crypto wallet, and start trading. When you want your USD back, transfer Crypto-XYZ to USD-T, then USD-T to USD. USD to bank. Damn…. I'd say it wasn't worth it but these 300-1,000% monthly turn overs are intense.

  3. I noticed a lot of people transferred their Bitcoin and alt-coins into Tether during the recent correction. Those who did this then transferred back 2 days later made a fortune! Not a bad tool for short-term trading if you don't want to transfer out of Crypto altogether maybe.

  4. Regarding your request for suggestions on show contributions. I recommend a model similar to Jack's TSP. He offers the show free, as you do, and has several subscription models. For the members, they get access to discounts on courses and items/services sold by advertisers. I like the short, bite-size length of your podcasts and I'd like to support the show to keep it going. I'm also interested in the courses you offer, but at $20/mo that's too rich for me.
    I'd pay $5/mo, but again I go back to Jack's model where he offers a several options. For his podcast, I opted for the annual subscription at a discounted rate.

  5. Hi Chris, I'd recommend adding custom patron/donation option that could be monthly or one time. I'm sure lots of people would just want to support you as 'thanks' or to encourage you to continue making videos. No benefits – just a thanks from us directly to you (not through the YouTube ads).

  6. Hi, Thanks for doing this show.
    I would love hear your take on the difference between shapeshift and internet of coins (hybrid) project
    Thanks a lot

  7. I'm impressed with your knowledge, impartiality, and pacing/vocal intonation., however, at this stage I don't fully trust you and know nothing about the quality of your course content.
    Usually I buy a one-off product for less than USD 10 to get a taste of what I'm getting into before springing for a monthly membership product.
    And I would have to see a lot of value before I commit to a monthly fee arrangement.
    My objective would be to become a competent cryptocurrency trader by completing one course with 10 hours or less over the shoulder training supported by pdfs together with trading platform suggestions and introductory discounts from your crypto trading partners.
    I might be willing to support your site if I can choose the amount from USD 1 and up but I will not be locked in to a stated amount.
    I will search Clickbank and other standard forums for cryptotrading courses including your site to find the best choice for my needs.
    Of course I am willing to provide a testimonial upon successful completion based on my many years of banking and finance background.
    I wish you the best and look forward to viewing your YouTube videos in future.

  8. Love your shows chris 🙂 But it is one thing I really hope you could do! let's say you had 4 days with news and commentary, and friday as investment advice and chart analysis or something like that. I would be nice to have one day whit more investor theme like show 🙂

  9. I think you should have a $3 donate button, or accept more alt coins as tipping. This would be for those folks who just come by to watch your video's, (who want to keep you in the business of doing them). It does seem like Crypt0 and Chase that coin, get alot of tips by accepting all sorts of crypto currencies. Also I would like to buy your trading course, if you have one. (19.95 or above based on how many hours you put into it.) I like hearing your views of the bitcoin price and how to trade it.

  10. Chris… I'm just getting into cryptocurrencies and taking them more seriously and am fascinated by them, and recently discovered you your podcast (I listen via audio) and love it. I am responding to your proposition to lower cost ways to support the podcast — YES… it's a no brainer for you. You should allow monthly contributions as low as $1 or $2 per month… not everyone is rich and not only that, but if you have 1000 contributors at $1/month or more, that is still at least $1000/month. I'm curious to see where you go with this, and look forward to every show and want an affordable way to support you. Thank you for all you do! We know this is a lot of work and want to show our gratitude, but just want options to meet our budget and level of use (i.e., right now I'm not prepared for the actual course for example). Thank you for your openness and including us in your decisions. Thank you for your consideration. Be well my friend!

  11. Chris, genuine question, do you really consider USDT to be the way forward? When it comes to purchasing BTC I nearly always miss the lower prices due to the 5/7 days it takes for my funds to get from my UK bank to either Bitstamp or Kraken. I am loath to leave too much 'cash' on the exchanges just in case, but really can't see an alternative.

  12. Although I am already a bronze, the $5 / month rate might appeal to some, on the basis of "If you feel that you're getting $5 worth of value, please consider. .."

  13. Like your suggestion in the beginning….$5/month. I am not currently a patron but would like to donate monthly. If you do this is there an easy way to donate, say like Dash, automatically on a regular basis?

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