Stellar Passes EOS for Good? | Target Twitter BTC Scheme | Binance Update

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  1. hmmm… are winners chosen at random? I only ask because I am subscribed to another channel offering a giveaway… but winners are chosen based on the channel operators favourite comments…. which makes it look like BS.

  2. Hello EOS hater…… if it was your money that was stolen, I'm sure you wouldn't talk shit the fact that eos can reverse stolen coins. If we want MASS adoption then we need some level of security, get that through your fat head!

  3. Crazy how these scams just keep popping up…oh before I forget xlmoooooooooonnn…..ROFL
    I say if any company can reverse your crypto that's just scammy because they can access your wallet ..

  4. Yes I like that EOS can reverse transactions. It was built and designed to do that. People in the crypto community are so brainwashed by the BTC mentality. EOS is not and never implied to anyone that is like other cryptocurrencies. It is working exactly as designed. You guys are just showing how closed minded you are. Real world business likes the model where consumers are protected from fraud. If you are all about only decentralized cryptos then why do you like ETH? Don't you know the history of ETH? If you did you wouldn't be into it. Your coin should be ETC if your truly a "decentralized" maximalist.. Be smarter than the average brainwashed idiot in this space if you really want to be successful!

  5. Bitboy- I actually love your videos but I feel you give a very shallow analysis of the EOS situation and what media seems to paint as one guy sitting at his computer and deciding to reverse a transaction. In fact, this is not how it happens at all. This process requires consensus among all block producers before any action can be taken. Further to this, the criticism put forward that this action brakes immutability is incorrect. The transaction is not actually 'reversed' at all. The original transactions remains on the block chain and it completely immutable. Check for a proper analysis (starting at 16.18) and keep an open mind. It is these new bread of blockchains which the public at large are most likely to adopt as they have in their design the flexibility which allow for helping people out when they make mistakes or are scammed. EOS is being built for normal humans and not robots or crypto decentralisation extremists.

  6. Bro, you're awesome. I think you're right XLM passing will be official after CoinBase listing. Next will be BCH then XRP (the security)
    I don't think XRP will ever touch 3 bucks again.. It's just not doing enough as a project. Sending money from one place to another, is all it's doing. Thats a one trick pony that can't compete with Stellar.
    1. Stellar has its own DEX, XRP does not.
    2. Stellar has its own stable coin, XRP and Ripple do not.
    3. You can build on Stellar like ETH, with XRP you can not.
    4. Stellar has a bigger banking partnership with IBM then all the partnership Ripple has (note, the majority of them are not using the XRP token.)
    5. 97% of all the banks in the world are using IBMs banking tech, they are now using the XLM token. XRP just isn't doing enough.
    6. XLM is free to send (on their DEX) XRP has fees
    7. According to Binance XLM can be sent in 6 seconds .. That same test show XRP took 10 seconds.

    XLM overtook ADA in July
    XLM overtook LTC in AUG
    XLM overtook EOS in NOV
    When do you guys think it will overtake BCH?

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