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  1. Gotta love it how the ones that seem to be more biased on Apple keep pushing the iPhone forward but when it comes to top phones selections it always ends up far away on the bottom of the list lol,usually every year the Note series dominated the best phone of the year,and probably this year the Mate 20 Pro will take the place followed by the Note 9

  2. So the guy who's often sponsored by Huawei selects a Huawei device as his top phone of the year.
    Don't get me wrong, the Mate 20 pro is a great phone. But this video was selected in terms of value for money. The Mate 20 pro is nowhere to be near the quality of software of the Google Pixel nor the hardware/Software of the iPhone Xs while being around the same price category.

  3. Apple is way too low. Should be #2 because it's an incredibly powerful phone (faster than any Android) and it runs iOS.

    #1 Note 9, best phone with most features and no notch. And where is the Galaxy S9+?

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