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  1. You know I’m only 20 and I’ve been playing games all my life and I’ve had my ups and downs with many games but all the hate and people trashing ign is getting old like fr if you don’t like the damn game then leave it at that and don’t get me wrong I think bf1 looks better than this but what does this have to do with ign they are putting out content and it ain’t bad

  2. Graphics are definitely not a improvement on bf1 looks cartoon almost some of the time. Gameplay in some aspects is better but overall just not better than bf1 in my opinion

  3. It does not matter if you fix ur games and reuse things from older tiitles. I still will not support E.A who prides themselfs on microtransactions. Their are to many tittles I like made by e.a that have gone bad e.e

  4. I really look forward to playing this game, honestly I've been very stoked about it for a while and I really enjoy the fact that you can customize your gameplay experience. I'm especially excited for the 1928A1 Thompson. Finally a Battlefield that allows me to personalize my character and weapons all together, and for what I see what the customizations you're not going to see all of the exaggerated worries that everyone kept putting on this game.

  5. All the death screams of those female soldiers throughout the video are way too annoying and distracting
    They should tone down the volume or do something else to fix it

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