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  1. You basically try to convince that iPhone X started the full screen display thing, and other companies started to copy it (by the way you showed other phones on video right after saying it), while it was announced on September 2017 and released late 2017. LG and Samsung already were selling them on beginning 2017. Also, Xiaomi Mi Mix was there since 2016. Not fair!

  2. Just got my XR and coming from an iPhone 6 I can attest that it is a great phone, and fabulous upgrade for the price. With trade in and up rewards my payment is only going to be $29/mth. That’s less than my husbands cruddy LG. ?(That he will probably have to swap in several times over the next two yrs)

  3. Screen going back 15 years is NOT FINE. Also, how is this called a phone review when all talk is camera? How's the call quality? Signal? Anyone?

  4. Confused between iPhone 8 plus , X and XR. I'm coming from a Samsung so I dont even know whats 3D Touch n all. Just want the best camera out there lol. Suggestions pls.

  5. People… don't give in on this "Price Gouging" they are pushing us to pay more for less. The price will keep going up and up. Just say no and keep what you have and wait for 2020. There are so many phones out there with more features for less.

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